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Microneedling treatments provide exceptional collagen induction therapy via fractional delivery of needles into the epidermis and dermis. These micro-injuries to the skin encourage and capture the power of the body’s innate ability to regrow and repair the skin. A Remarkable improvement is visible even after the first treatment. However, it can take a series of treatments to see better results.

What are the benefits of Micro-Needling?

  • Improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Stimulates circulation and collagen production
  • Can be performed on all skin types, including ethnic skin
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Disfiguring scars, especially acne scars can be improved
  • Pore size reduction
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks
  • Short healing time

What will I look like after the treatment?

Most people will experience redness and some swelling like you have a mild sunburn for 24-48 hours and there may be minimal pin-point bleeding. It is important to not wear makeup or have much sun exposure 24 hours after the treatment. As always, make sure to use SPF 30 sunblock, as exposure to UV radiation is one of the key factors in speeding the skin aging process.

Am I a candidate for Microneedling?

Microneedling can be safely performed on all skin types and all skin colors. As the epidermis and in particular, melanocytes in the basal area are left intact. Skin micro-needling can treat sensitive and fragile areas that are difficult to treat with other procedures. These areas include the eyes, the neck and the back of the hands.

However, it is not suitable for patients who:

  1. Have used Accutane (isotretinoin) within the last three months
  2. Have open wounds, cuts or abrasions on the skin
  3. Have had radiation treatment to the skin within the last year
  4. Have any kind of current skin infection, condition or herpes simplex in the area to be treated
  5. Are pregnant or breast feeding
  6. Have had any history of keloid or hypertrophic scars or poor wound healing

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